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Our Bakery/Pâtisserie, known for its classic French desserts, offers an extensive selection of Signature Cakes, Pastries, Tartes, Croissants, Pains au Chocolat, Brioches, French Macarons, Cookies and Mini Dessert Bites - all made in-house daily. We specialize in creating custom handcrafted cakes for every occasion including Wedding Cakes.

Jean-Jacques’ desserts are repeatedly voted “Best Desserts” by Westchester Magazine. The unique creations that fill our display cases have been described by Bonjour Paris, “like those on any boulevard in Paris, a work of art.”

Going to a dinner party? Jean-Jacques’ is a must stop! Here you will find the perfect Birthday Cake, an exquisite box of Mini Pastries or Macarons or any one of our desserts that brings joy with every bite!

Our Bakery menu

Celebration Cakes for all Occasions

Round Cake Sizes (7”, 8", 9", 10", 12")

Rectangular Sheet Cake Sizes (Quarter, Third, Half, Two-Third, Three Quarter, Full)

GF = Gluten Free

Cappuccino Classic 31.95 Vanilla Cake with layers of Coffee Mousse topped with Dark Chocolate Ganache surrounded by Almond Cake
Carrot 31.95 with Raisins layered with Cream Cheese Icing and covered in Cream Cheese Icing
Chocolate Almond Ganache Torte | GF 31.95 Layers of Chocolate Almond Cake, Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, Milk Chocolate Ganache
Cheesecake 31.95 Cream Cheese with Lemon Essence and Vanilla on Graham Cracker Crust
Chocolate Praline 31.95 Chocolate Cake with layers of with Dark Chocolate Mousse and Hazelnut Mousse
Chocolate Wave 31.95 Chocolate Cake with layers of White and Dark Chocolate Mousse and Maraschino Cherries surrounded by Almond Cake
Dacquoise | GF 31.95 Light and Crunchy Almond Meringue layered with Fresh Whipped Cream and Dark Chocolate Mousse and covered in toasted Almonds
Duet 31.95 Vanilla Cake layered with Dark Chocolate Mousse covered in marbled White and Dark Chocolate Ganache
Elysée | GF 31.95 Dark Chocolate Espresso Fudge Torte
Feuillantine 31.95 Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Mousse, Hazelnut Buttercream and Chocolate Ganache with Hazelnut Wafer Crunch
Grenoblois 31.95 Rich Brownie Cake with Caramel Buttercream, Caramel Mousse, Caramelized Walnuts covered in Milk Chocolate Ganache
Lemon Delight 31.95 Lemon Mousse layered with Vanilla Cake and topped with Meringue Icing
Mousse au Chocolat Noir 31.95 Decadent Chocolate Cake with layers of Dark Chocolate Mousse covered in Dark Chocolate Ganache
Mousse au Chocolat Blanc 31.95 Vanilla Cake with layers of White Chocolate Mousse & Raspberry Jam, topped with White Chocolate Curls
Napoleon 31.95 Thin layers of Puff Pastry with Fresh Whipped Cream or French Vanilla Custard Filling and white Fondant Icing 8” or larger
Opéra 31.95 Layers of coffee soaked Almond Cake with Coffee Buttercream and Dark Chocolate Ganache
Pear Passion 31.95 Vanilla Cake with delicate layers of Pear Mousse and Passion Fruit Mousse rolled in Apricot Jam
Raspberry Delight 31.95 Vanilla Cake with layers of Light Raspberry Mousse, delicately coated with Raspberry Jam
Red Velvet 31.95 Red Velvet Cake layered with Cream Cheese Icing and covered in Cream Cheese Icing 8” or larger
Ricotta Cheesecake 65.00 with crushed Almond 9” only
Sugar-Free and Egg-Free Strawberry Napoleon 31.95 Layers of Puff Pastry, Fresh Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries 8” or larger
Strawberry Shortcake 31.95 Vanilla Cake, Fresh Whipped Cream and Fresh Strawberries, topped with Dark Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries 8” or larger
Tiramisu 31.95 Marscapone Mousse with layers of coffee soaked, light Brandy Vanilla Cake, surrounded by Almond Cake, coated in Cocoa Powder
Triple Chocolate | GF 31.95 Layers of Milk, Dark and White Chocolate Mousse with thin layers of Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake
Tropic 31.95 Vanilla Cake layered with tropical Passion Fruit, Mango, Banana, Guava and Milk Chocolate Mousses


TARTES | 8" (Serves 6)

*Starred Items Contain Almond


Minimum order 6 per type or select assortment from our Bakery that day

Petits Gâteaux 6.50 each Individual pastries

Mille Feuille (Napoléon) • Dacquoise • Délice • Pavé • Mont Blanc • Petit Gâteau Noir • Petit Gâteau Blanc • Grenoblois • Hazelnut Pear Succès • Cappuccino Classic • Opéra • Tiramisu • Feuillantine • Chocolate Wave • Elysée • Chocolate Praline • Triple Chocolate • Carrot Cake • Raspberry Delight • Lemon Delight • Cheesecake • White & Dark Chocolate Mousse Cups • Flan au Caramel

Tartelettes 6.50 each Individual tartes

Mixed Fruits and Berries • Apple • Pear Bourdaloue • Chocolate • Linzer • Lemon Meringue • Amandine • Pecan • Cranberry • Plum


19.95 lb | Minimum order 1 pound (boxed)


SIGNATURE FRENCH MINI PASTRIES 29.95 per dozen Minimum order 1 dozen boxed Chef’s Assortment

Dark and White Chocolate Mousse Cups • Tiramisu • Chocolate Hazelnut • Chocolate Wave • Lemon Delight • Carrot Cake • Petit Noir • Cheesecake • Cappuccino Classic • Raspberry Delight • Lemon Meringue Tartelette

Mini Pastry Platters 2 dozen 64.95
3 dozen 92.95
MINI FRESH FRUIT TARTELETTES 29.95 per dozen Minimum order 1 dozen boxed

Mini Tartes filled with French Vanilla Custard and Fresh Strawberries, Kiwi, and Orange or other seasonal Fruits and Berries

Mini Fresh Fruit Tartelette Platters 2 dozen 64.95
3 dozen 92.95
BELGIAN CHOCOLATE DIPPED STRAWBERRIES GF 25.95 per dozen Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate or White Chocolate

Minimum order 1 dozen (boxed)

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries Platters 2 dozen 58.95
3 dozen 84.95
FRENCH MACARONS GF Macarons Gift Boxes
Box of 2 5.95
Box of 6 14.95
Box of 12 29.95
6-pack Sampler 13.50
12-pack Sampler 27.00
Lemon • Salted Caramel • Raspberry • Chocolate • Vanilla • Coffee
BROWNIES | and Mini Brownie Bites Brownie 2.25
Walnut Brownie 3.25
Mini Brownie Bites 14.00 per dozen
CUPCAKES 3.50 each Vanilla or Chocolate with Vanilla or Chocolate Icing • Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing
TEA CAKES 7.95 each Banana Almond • Lemon Buttermilk • Carrot Raisin • Marble • Honey seasonal • Pumpkin Cardamom seasonal


Baguette 4.25
Batard 4.25
Multigrain Batard 4.25
Sourdough Boule 3.50
Brioche Bread 9.95
Petits Pains 0.95 Dinner Rolls
Crostini 3.50/box


Croissant 2.95
Chocolate Croissant 3.50
Strawberry Cheese Croissant 3.50
Almond Croissant 4.25
Brioche 3.50
Lemon Custard Brioche 4.25
Pain aux Raisins (Cinnamon Raisin Bun) 4.25
Chausson aux Pommes (Apple Turnover) 3.50
Blueberry Turnover 3.50
Muffins 2.95 Blueberry, Corn, Chocolate Chip, Coffee Crumb, Pumpkin seasonal